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Pinzgauer World Congress 2003Welcome to the Canadian Pinzgauer Association website. The Board of Directors is very proud to introduce our website to breeders across the country and beyond. We hope you will enjoy visiting with us on the internet. Please feel free to contact us about anything concerning Pinzgauer cattle or the livestock industry in Canada.

Pinzgauer cattle were imported to Canada in the early 1970's, forming the foundation for the Canadian Pinzgauer. Many changes have occurred within the breed since that time. In Canada, a beef cow is expected to raise one calf per year under range conditions, so her udder must hold up for many years with little or no intervention. Austrian Pinzgauers are dual purpose cattle and cows convert Alpine pasture to milk in an efficient and productive manner. Canadian breeders have reduced milk production to a level that optimizes calf weaning weights without requiring assistance. As a result of this stringent process, subtle changes in conformation began to emerge soon after their arrival in Canada.

Consider Canada as the source for Pinzgauer beef cattle.

As the years have progressed, many breeders have developed strains of both polled and black animals to better suit the needs of both their customers and the beef industry in general. Interest and the number of breeders has increased significantly as livestock producers look for a moderate-framed beef cow. Throughout the 30 year history of Pinzgauer in Canada, breeders have continued to select for a practical, useful, fast gaining, economically efficient beef producer. The herds across the nation today reflect this commitment.

As a result of the stringent government regulations and testing regarding health and disease prevention and ratification, Canada enjoys one of the greatest competitive advantages in the world for international export. Canada's intense laws guarding the health and welfare of beef cattle create an almost unlimited export potential. Pinzgauer cattle from Canada have been exported to almost every continent on the globe.


Greetings from President Rob Smith:
We are very pleased to have this opportunity to promote the Pinzgauer breed in Canada on the internet. Our showcase here will feature the best the breed has to offer, both in the show ring and as working animals in the pasture.

2003 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Canadian Pinzgauer Association and the 31st year of Pinzgauer cattle in Canada. Steady growth and continued development of the "beef" Pinzgauer ensures a bright future for the breed in North America.

The Canadian Pinzgauer Association is looking forward to hosting the 2003 World Pinzgauer Congress. Arrangements are being made to make this one of the most unique and profitable international cattle shows ever. Our Board of Directors and various volunteers right across Canada are preparing for the livestock Show, setting up an attractive spouse's program, designing ranch tours, and getting ready for a World Congress you won't soon forget!


2003 World Pinzgauer Congress

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